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#SatSpanks – Dressing for discipline

Saturday Spankings

Hats and Shamrocks

Happy St Paddy’s Day! I have an extra reason to enjoy a drink tonight because my domestic noir thriller, Groomed, just went live. Yay!

Groomed is set in 1999/2000 when the internet was a relatively new thing. It opened up a whole new world for spankos like Charlotte, who had never told anyone about her festish before.

In this snippet, Charlotte is preparing to  meet up with the disciplinarian she’s been secretly corresponding with online. They are having lunch together, because he thinks they need to get to know one another before deciding whether to go ahead with the disciplinary arrangement.


Charlotte stepped into a long cream linen skirt, with splits up each side – elegant, but easily manoeuvrable should she and Ben spontaneously decide to accelerate their arrangement. She buttoned the matching shirt, and riffled through her jewellery for accessories. She selected an amber necklace with matching ear-rings. She’d already applied light make-up, there was just her hair to fix. Twist it into a bun or have it loose around her shoulders? What about a pony-tail? Too little-girlish even if the plan was for Ben to spank her? She left it loose. Men liked long hair. Even Connor was magnetised by it, running his fingers through it.

Well, he was. Before he ruined everything.

The resentment still burned. It was Connor’s fault that Charlotte was spending her day off work doing something so risky as meeting a stranger from cyberspace. Hayden and Mark would spank Panda and Gemma if they even thought about doing something so stupid. But because of Connor, here was Charlotte – age thirty-six for God’s sake, ‘old enough to know better’ didn’t begin to describe it – getting dressed up to meet someone who could be an axe murderer.

Charlotte shut down that nagging fear. Axe murderers don’t want to take things slowly.


Want to know what happens next? You can buy Groomed here.

My other books can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Dressing for discipline”

  1. I’ve been doing a Criminal Minds marathon on Netflix and I think she’s right to be concerned. She definitely should have a back up plan in place in case she gets in trouble, but that’s not easy, especially if she doesn’t want anyone to know what she’s doing.


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