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#SatSpanks – The pomlazka

Saturday Spankings

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Happy Easter!

This week I’m sharing a snippet from one of my ‘old’ books – A Cure for All Ills, which was published in 2016.  A Cure for All Ills is a collection of short stories, one of which is set during Easter. Ellie arranges an Easter break in Prague because she’s heard of a special Easter Monday tradition, whereby women get spanked with a pomlazka (a bunch of willow rods). She hopes it will encourage her husband Tim to spank her. When they arrive in Prague, they head for a market. While Tim’s looking at Easter eggs, a market stall holder encourages him to buy a pomlazka.


“It is a tradition here in the Czech Republic,” the woman explained. “Every Easter Monday morning, the men beat the women-folk with a pomlazka to keep them healthy and beautiful for another year.”

“But… I… Are you serious?” Tim looked flabbergasted.

“Oh yes. All women, all girls, get their bottoms smacked on Easter Monday morning. And they give the men and boys treats in return – chocolates, decorated eggs, ribbons to decorate the pomlazka…” She turned to me as she said this, and I nodded eagerly. I’d get some nice chocolate eggs for Tim.

“But that’s terrible,” Tim protested.


I felt disappointed and annoyed. “Tim! It’s just their tradition, like the Easter Bunny.”

“It’s okay – many westerners feel like that about it,” said the stall-holder. “And when I was a girl, I hated it! I used to hide under the bed! It seemed so unfair that my brother got all these chocolates and all I got was a sore bottom. But now I’m an adult, I quite like the tradition. After all, what would you rather have?” she asked, turning to me again. “Chocolates or health and beauty for another year?”


Personally, I want both! Not that we have a pomlazka, but there are plenty of things around the house that’ll do.

Want to find out whether Tim makes use of the pomlazka? A Cure for All Ills can be purchased here.

My other books can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – The pomlazka”

  1. I’ve heard of this tradition, though I thought the spanks were more a formality than a serious paddling. In fact, I didn’t think the young ladies really felt any discomfort. Okay, that might not be true with some dominant men who have an alternate agenda, but for the most part….

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    1. It’s meant to be a fun thing, though apparently some of the young men and teenage boys can go over the top with it. Thinking of when I was a girl and what some of the boys were like in my neighbourhood, I can imagine that happening.


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