Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks – My Worst Spanking

Saturday Spankings

Hi! This Saturday I’m sharing another snippet from my domestic noir, Groomed. Charlotte spends most of her spare time hanging out on Spanking Sheilas, a domestic discipline forum. A new poster, Helen, has just delurked and her post, under the thread ‘My worst spanking’, divides opinion among the Sheilas and their reaction upsets Helen. Is Helen’s experience of DD abuse? Some Sheilas say yes, others no. You decide!


Thread: My worst spanking

Helen: Hello. I’ve been lurking on here for ages, enjoying reading all the posts. It’s good to know there are plenty of other women out there in a domestic discipline relationship. I’ve been in a DD relationship since I first got married, sixteen years ago.

John and I both come from a very strict church background and when we married, we both accepted that he would be head of the household and that I would obey him. I accepted his right to punish me if I disobeyed him.

We moved into an area where a lot of people from our church lived. I gave up work to keep house, which is what we both wanted and what most couples in our church did. I had a couple of friends who lived in the same area, and when we’d done our chores for the day, we used to meet up.

My friend’s husband was overseas preaching and one day I was round at hers and forgot the time. The first I realised it was dinner time was when John came banging on her front door. He’d spent all day at work and I hadn’t even started preparing dinner. He didn’t speak to me when I met him at the door, just gave me two really hard swats on my bottom to propel me towards the gate. As he marched me home, he gave me more slaps. This was so embarrassing I was already crying before I got home. As soon as I was bent over the sofa, he took off his belt.

He lit into me with the belt and the pain was awful. I squealed and begged him to stop, but he just smacked harder and harder until he was exhausted from spanking me. I was so sore it hurt to stand.

I had to cook dinner for him but not for myself. I had to stand in the corner while he ate. After that I had to wash the dishes then go to bed. I wasn’t allowed to see my friends other than at church for a month.

That wasn’t the first or last time he spanked me. But it was the worst.


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6 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – My Worst Spanking”

  1. Yeah, he crossed a fine line for me. There didn’t seem to be any love or affection between them, just discipline and control. And the lack of any aftercare is a definite flag. This isn’t DD. It’s a Master/slave relationship. And unless she signed up for this sort of treatment and is happy in her marriage, I’d say it’s abuse. However, if she’s content being treated like a whipping girl, more power to her. I wouldn’t put up with it, but then there’s a lot I wouldn’t put up with.


    1. Yes, I agree – no love there at all. And a couple of the women on the forum react to her post by asking where the love is. Agree with your last comment too – I love the fantasy of DD, but wouldn’t tolerate it at all in reality, let alone an abusive situation like this. Thanks for commenting.


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