Saturday Spankings

#SatSpanks: Sex is always better after a spanking

Saturday Spankings

Hello! It’s Queen’s Birthday Weekend here in Australia, which means no work or school for the Leigh family on Monday. Yay! A long weekend in honour of the Queen of England. So, to celebrate this, I’m going to share a snippet from one of my books that’s set in England. At Dead of Night is a murder mystery featuring a PI who’s in a DD relationship. In this snippet, Lucy recalls her first spanking from boyfriend Noel.


It had been a stinging slap on her thigh, delivered after she’d turned the cold tap on him when they were sharing a candlelit bath. She’d clambered out, but he’d remained in the bubbly bathwater, eyes closed, chillaxing. Shocked out of the tub by the cold blast of water, he’d grabbed her and whacked her. Then he’d turned off the tap, pulled the plug on the water, and declared that she was going across his knee.

“Like fun I am,” she’d said, looking down at the bright palm print on her thigh.

But over his knee she’d gone and it had been fun. He’d smacked her bare, wet-from-the-bath bottom twelve times, then rolled her onto her back and given her what had at that point been the best shag of her life. Afterwards, they’d lain contented on the bed, her head tucked under his left arm.

“Now that,” she’d said, “was amazing sex.”

“Sex is always better after a spanking,” he’d declared.

“Who for? Me or you?”

“Both of us,” he’d grinned. “You were drenched and I’m not talking about the bathwater.”

“Bastard!” Half-annoyed and half-embarrassed, she slapped his arm.

“Stop that,” he said, stern. “That’s my job.” He sat up, hauled her across his lap and gave her backside another six sharp smacks.


At Dead of Night can be purchased here.

My other books, including my recent release Her Convict Constable (published under the pen name Kate Charlton), can be found here.

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